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A reminder to all of our parents, students, staff volunteers and visitors to Sacred Heart of Jesus that as of January 1, 2006, Bill 3 “Sabrina’s Law” – an act to protect anaphylactic pupils – is in effect.  This Bill helps to ensure the safety of children in schools and represents an important step in protecting students with life-threatening allergies.   At Sacred Heart, we have students and staff with life-threatening allergies. 
It is of critical importance that you DO NOT send any products containing PEANUTS or NUTS to school for snacks or lunches.  Please do not send WOW Butter to school.  Please carefully check the packages of ALL snacks before sending them to school, especially items like bulk granola bars.  If you are sending in bought or homemade treats for special occasions, please send in a list of ingredients or communicate with your child’s teacher beforehand to discuss the ingredients.  A fun and inclusive alternative to treats might be to donate a book to your child’s classroom.  We very much appreciate your attention to this critically important matter.
 All anaphylactic students must carry an Epi-pen on their person at all times, with a second one at the office.  Parents, please be sure to contact the office and fill out an Emergency Medical Form if you child has a life-threatening allergy.
Please send only nutritious peanut/nut free lunches and snacks. Snack items, Granola/Nutrigrain bars, crackers, etc. must have the peanut/nut free symbol on the bar/bag to ensure they are peanut/nut free for student safety. If items do not have the safe symbol, the manufacturer does not guarantee that their product is peanut/nut free. Thank you so much for your support!