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Staff Changes 2021- 2022

A thank you to Mr. Ken O'Brien and Ms. Hilary Longtin who will be leaving Sacred Heart for new schools September 2021. We welcome Mrs. Andrea McKinnon who will be our new Grade 7/8 teacher in the Fall.

Kindergarten Registration - September 2021

Register now for September!

Sacred Heart is now accepting new student registrations for September 2021! We invite parents to complete the online pre-registration by visiting All details on the registration process can be found on this page. We look forward to welcoming your child in September!

Advent Food Pantry Donation 2020

Thank you to all students and families that participated in Christmas plaid day and Christmas camo day and donated a food item or $1 to the Food Pantry. In addition, families donated $5 in lieu of teacher girls this year.
Three boxes of food and just over $100 are going to be donated on December 16.

Sacred Heart Remembrance Day Legion Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Remembrance Day Legion Winners!

Black and White posters Color Posters

Grades 1-3 Grades1-3
First - Lyle Waugh Second – Ruby Waugh
Second - Collyn Dobson Third – Clara Sweeney

Grades 4-6 Grades 4-6
Second – Hudson Mikolaitis Second – Sienna Clifford

Grades 7-8 Grades 7-8
First – Nadan Closs-Desjardine First – Jean McNicol
Second – Vivian Breckenridge Second – Evy Attaway
Third – Eva McConnell-Wood

Grades 4-6
First - Abby Fisher
Second – Johnny Moore
Third – Jaxon Milotte

Grades 7-8
First – Nadan Closs-Desjardine
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